Is My Smile Too Big?

I’m not sure I can smile anymore right now!  Well, I’m sure I could at other awesome news, but right now, I am so stinking excited and happy!  Today, I am wearing a skirt that I haven’t worn since before Nick and I STARTED DATING….that was 6 years ago.  Sure, alot of people I know can still wear the same clothes today that they did 6 years ago, but for me…it’s an accomplishment from the downhill I started to go down 6 years ago. 

I was looking for something to wear and this was always a skirt I kept because I use to love it (it’s not so much in style anymore haha) and had a goal to be able to wear it again someday.  So I put it on this morning without even believing I could actually button it.  TO MY SURPRISE…IT FIT!  And my stomach isn’t even hanging over! haha  So, needless to say, not sure I can smile even bigger right now.



One thing I can say…and don’t get me wrong, I’m celebrating how far I’ve come, but I can’t wait to get in the single digits again and to GIVE THIS SKIRT AWAY!

We will finally fulfill Barb’s homework assignment this Friday, that she gave to us a few weeks ago.  I bought a new cute summer dress this past weekend and we are going to a small country bar in Cypress…to go dancing!  Our goal is to stay at least an hour.  There’s live music so I know we’ll enjoy that but of course, we don’t know anyone in Cypress really, to go with us, so we’ll be going to the bar by ourselves.  Not a whole lot of fun! haha  But we’re going to make the best of it and have some fun, just us 2.  Pray for Nick that I don’t try to LEAD HIM on the dance floor!  Pics will follow later.

And this Saturday is Nick’s 20th weightloss celebration!  We’re celebrating with friends and family at Moody Garden’s Palm Beach.  Even rented a cabana.  Looking forward to it!  Pics to come from that, as well!


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