Frumpy McGee Today!

Today…I feel FRUMPY!  The outfit that I’m wearing today is too big.  I should be rejoicing right?!  However, I’m in a grumpy mood (just ask the poor innocent victim…my husband) and feel like I don’t deserve new clothes yet so I refuse to go buy anything.  And when I do put some clothes on that are tighter feeling, I think they look bad and I’m not at the fit point to where I can wear them yet.  Hence…the undeserving of new clothes.  My trainer, Barb, gave us homework last week.  First off, I’ve NEVER been good at doing my homework (granted, in my old age, I want to do better).  The homework was to get ourselves a new outfit and go out dancing.  We still haven’t done it.  Nick has plenty of smaller clothes that he hasn’t worn since we got married so he’s already having a ball pulling out the old stuff.  By the way…I have to add…he is looking SO good.  I’m really seeing the slim down in him.  Anyways, but I don’t have many old clothes I can resort to for the time being.  So I am just wearing my larger clothes until they literally fall off…which they haven’t done so yet.  I do want to go dancing but I’m dreading finding something new to wear.  Any ideas?  I know I can go to Target or Old Navy and find plenty of cute inexpensive clothes there..but I’m just dreading going shopping for anything new right now.

And is it possible to lose weight in your feet?  I swear my shoes are becoming flip flops now, like my heels and wedges I wear for work.  I almost tripped the other day because one flip flopped so much on me.  I think it’s time for new shoes too!  My husband probably won’t believe me, so that’s why I’m coming to the blog world to make sure it’s not just in my head and to have someone else agree so HE’LL agree to get me some new shoes 🙂 hehe

Another “new” thing we added to our cardio is the Stair Master.  It use to be like a mountain I thought I may not climb for a while but Barb put me on it about a week ago, for 5 minutes and I was pretty tired. haha  So this week, Nick did it for 20…no, 21 (HAVE to add that 1 in there) minutes.  And I did it for 10 and then went and ran.  The Stair Master has become a new desire in our family! haha 

Oh and we’re also really loving abs right now.  I feel like the more abs I do, the flatter my stomach will get and the less flabby I’ll be when I lose all the weight.

I told someone yesterday that I lost 20 lbs and may have 40 more to go.  Keep in mind, I’m still not sure what my goal weight will be because I don’t know what I’ll look like at say 130.  I may get above that and think I look great and I don’t need to keep losing.  Who knows.  But she was surprised I said I still have that much to probably lose.  Kind of made me feel good that not everyone sees me as this big fat slob.

I’m not sure if I added…but Nick is working out with me and Barb now as well.  And I love it!  It gives us more time to be together and keeps BOTH of us working out.  Doing this new lifestyle TOGETHER means the world to me.  I know I’m lucky because I know there are plenty of couples out there that don’t have the support system of their spouse/significant other.  And if that’s you…keep reminding yourself to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and he/she may/will follow later.  But just worry about yourself and I promise, all else will fall into place.  I had to learn that with marriage 🙂

One last report to you guys…I have started to get a little more comfortable with wearing sleeveless shirts lately.  Check out this pic at my friend’s shower this past Sunday.  No my arms aren’t RIPPED YET but I’m starting to feel more comfortable.



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