Too Giddy to NOT Give an Update


I just couldn’t help myself and wait for a blog post for next week.  I got on the scale this morning and….I’m down 2 more lbs!  WOOHOOO  ONLY 2 MORE TO GO….And then I’ll be zooming over the water on jet skis in Lake Livingston with my family to celebrate (see my last blog post for goal).  CAN NOT WAIT!  I think I’ll surpass my goal by then though. haha  Even better!

This week, I worked out twice a day for 3 days.  And worked out Mon-Thursday, taking tonight off and working out early in the morning (plus a bonus of going with my hubs, best friend and her hubs to shoot a few golf balls at a really cool driving range here called Top Golf in the morn) and then will take Sunday off as well.  It felt a little weird waking up this morning and not rushing out the door at dark to head to the gym to swim. haha  But I’ll be right back at that Monday AM.  I’m really enjoying it!

And I started pushing myself to run a full mile without stopping this week, twice.  There’s a half marathon relay here in October or November (I forget) that I would love to be able to run with a friend.  She’d do the 6 miles and I’d do the 6 miles and we both still get the medal.  Sounds pretty awesome to me. haha  So my goal is to run the whole 6 miles.  My best friend who is an avid runner (you can read her blog at ) , even at 9 months pregnant… is still running milessssss, gave me a really good goal, to up my distance by 0.3 each week and I should be at the 6 miles by the race.  That sounds much more do-able. haha

I couldn’t help myself with this picture….can someone please make this for me! hahaha


Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  See y’all back here next week sometime.


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