Celebrating Every “Little” Step

ImageWell…I did it!  2 days in a row too!  I got up yesterday and this morning and went and swam 500 meters.  May not be alot to some, but it’s alot to me, since I haven’t freestyle swam in a year and a half.  My goal is to start swimming every morning, Mon-Thurs, and still do my normal workouts in the evening (5 days a week).  Last night I had a hard time sleeping though.  I got home about 9 pm, ate dinner and the Heat/Spurs Finals game #6 was on.  Some of you know that I’m a newly upcoming fan of basketball.  I love Miami Heat.  GO HEAT!  I think they have alot of great players.  I love my very own home team too though, Houston Rockets.  We may have the lowest paid team in the league, but I still think we have great guys…some with alot of heart and passion in the game.  Anyways, my sleep kept getting disrupted because the game was on and I knew and wanted to watch it. haha  I finally feel asleep close to 11:45 p.m. (and I had laid down at 10).  Hoping to figure out my nightly routine a little bit better so that I can go to bed earlier.  I love a good 8 hour sleep.

Here I am in my very first Speedo.  Yes, I added the skirt…I’m not that comfortable with my body yet.  I of course look at this picture and criticize it, but I hope to put a similar one up to it one day and see the difference.  This picture was taken a few weeks ago.  I am already thinking of how I can sell it when I drop some more lbs 🙂


And last night, I felt the need to get on a treadmill and see how long I could run.  I have never gotten the running thing done…not even when I did my 2 Half Marathons and the 2 triathlons.  But last night, I ran A WHOLE MILE without stopping.  Woohoo, GO ME!  I just feel that as I’m losing the pounds, that it’s getting easier on my body to run.  In the past, it felt like dead weight trying to run.  However, I do need to get out on the road and try and run a whole mile because that’ll be more of a challenge.  But I ran my whole mile in less than 15 minutes (haha, I felt like I was going way faster than a 15 min mile) and then I walked briskly with an incline for the other 30 minutes.  Nick asked how my workout was, and I said “GREAT!”. haha  I don’t think I’ve ever said that to a workout before.  I really did enjoy it and look forward to getting back to my efforts of running.  I’m really wanting to do a relay for a half marathon in October or November, so that would be about 6 miles.  I’d LOVE to be able to run the whole thing.  We’ll see 🙂

Does anyone have any good ideas for what to do with your wet stuff (swim suit and towel) after you swim in the morning and need to head straight to work?  Our gym doesn’t have a spinner to dry them 😦  So I need a good idea.  This morning, I put my wet towel on the back seat (leather) and hung the swim suit up so that it was dangling over the towel.  But I really don’t even want the wet towel on my seat.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.

I have to say this….I can see how some athletic people who are very good at what they do and very strong headed can get totally annoyed with my blogs.  They probably see my “little” accomplishments and think I don’t deserve credit yet, but I want you all to know that I continue to praise myself for the “little” steps I’m taking to get fit.  Each time I make it to the gym, each time I go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, etc….I’m making a step and each of those steps are mentally challenging for me. Mentally, it is getting easier and I will celebrate that too, because one of my biggest critics is my mind.  So I just had to tell y’all that, in case anyone thinks I shouldn’t be celebrating each “little” step.  I totally disagree..I should celebrate 🙂  And speaking of celebrating…my aunt thought it was a great idea to have me over to ride jet skis when I have gotten to the 20 mark.  I gave myself a goal of losing 4 more lbs by Saturday July 6.  I can totally do it.  Wish me luck!


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