How Do I Stay on My Schedule with Guests at My House?



Just a small update from me this time….

This past weekend, I got the miserable soar throat, aching ears and congestion. I still got up Saturday morning though and did an unexpected workout with Barb. Thank goodness I had that appointment with her (which is not normal) because otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone to workout. I felt miserable! The rest of the weekend, I slept ALOT. And…I will admit, I ate some comfort food. Not proud of that but I got right back on my schedule on Monday.

By Monday morning, I woke up feeling better…just in time for work. I did rest Monday evening though (am going to have to make up for that somewhere this week). Last night I got a great workout in with Barb. I love when I work out with her because I always leave feeling like it was a really good workout. Much better than the boring treadmill!

Hopefully I will find time to go workout this evening…might be a bike ride with the hubby again. If so, we’ll shoot for 8-10 miles. We’ll see. My inlaws are about to head in to Houston from Arkansas. Please say a prayer for their safe travels, as well as Nick’s uncle who is unfortunately in ICU. He had to have emergency open heart surgery. This is my father in law’s oldest and only living brother, so I know it’s hard on him to see his brother go through this. So, with them in town and with the hospital visits, I keep thinking…how am I going to find time to go to the gym the rest of this week? Maybe I should do my workouts in the morning, before work? hahaha I’m so not a morning person, but may have to shoot for that for this week. Any suggestions from someone who has a regular schedule of working out and how to keep that going with guests at your home?


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