Temptation, Temptation on Vacation!

My last post was talking about my fears of going on vacation and eating bad.  Well, I’m back from vacation….and….this is going to be one of my hardest blogs to write.  I have to admit how well/bad I did on my trip with eating and exercising.  I always say I’m a “realist” (which isn’t always a good thing), so that’s what I’m going to be in this blog (well, I always am in all my blogs).

Did we have fun on our trip, HECK YES we did!  Nashville not only has music everywhere, they have good food everywhere too!  And bars…which means alcohol.  And enough to do from sun up until sun up again for 4 full days straight. 

Our first night there, we found a restaurant that we fell in love with a restaurant.  Hence my 1st photo below.  Then after we were done there, we went across the street to the bar (hence my 2nd photo).  We went to these places twice on our trip!  So, needless to say, we started the trip off the way it would go the rest of the time.  Everyday, I had intentions of waking up early and heading to the gym at the hotel.  Not once did I go!  But in my defense…we got up early everyday and went all day long with touring Nashville and Memphis.  We were exhausted everyday!  I should have made this blog post about a food and bar review since I could definitely tell you the good and not so good places we ate and drank. 


My reason for this post is to remind you that I’m not perfect and I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to on my trip, but I did enjoy life for those 4 days and didn’t sweat it while I was there.  Now…I will be sweating it this week though.  I’m so afraid of getting on the scale.  My husband did and he gained 2 lbs while on the trip.  Granted, he drank more than me 🙂 hehe  So hopefully I’ll be ok but in the meantime, I want to get some heavy workouts under my belt this week and then I’ll get on the scale. 

Am I disappointed in myself?  Yes!  I have worked very hard for 7 weeks to get to where I am, so I don’t want to go backwards, but these are lessons that I will take in and learn from because I’m not giving up!  Remember what I said in my first post…I’m done with giving up! I hope that this post reminds you or someone out there that it’s ok to fall, only if you get back up though!  And it’s ok to be imperfect.  My mom likes to emphasize on that word, I M Perfect. haha  But falling down is so normal…even for those who look and seem normal to us…they’re just good about hiding those imperfections 🙂  I’m not…I’m a realist!  As soon as we got back though, we took the dogs on a walk and then rode our bikes about 5 miles. That felt good!

Stay tuned for my next post to see if I gained lbs on my trip!


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