Biker Mama and NASHVEGAS BABY!


Normally I work out with Barb on Mondays, but we had to reschedule last night and I’m so glad we did.  It worked out perfect!  I got to spend the time with my husband, which seems rare during the week now that we’re working out every night, doing our own thing.  He plays tennis most of the time and I’m either with Barb or at the gym.  But last night we decided to ride our bikes together in our neighborhood.  We aren’t use to this!  In our last house, we lived on land, in an industrial area, so there were no safe roads to ride a bicycle on.  Now that we live in a beautiful neighborhood full of trees and scenery, we can take full advantage of the roads and sidewalks.  This was seriously the best thing we could have done together last night.  It felt like a date! haha  I told Nick that we need to do it more often, even if it’s just on a Sunday evening. 

I knew my legs were burning some during most of our bike ride, but I didn’t think I was going too crazy because my heart rate stayed inbetween 130-135.  At one point, it got up to 145, due to the wind being against me.  That felt tough! haha  But honestly, I didn’t find it as hard as I thought it would be.  Don’t get me wrong…my butt is soar today, but being on the bike was so much fun…something different.  And it allowed us to talk!  By the end of our bike ride, we had gone about 36 minutes and did a little over 6 or 9 miles (I forget…husband tracked the mileage haha).  I was so surprised to see by the end of it, that I had burned 389 calories!  I think I’ll be hopping on that bike more often with the hubby 🙂  Just overall, turned out to be a great evening.  Then I bargained with my husband that if he cooked dinner, I would do dishes.  That was an even better way to top off the evening 🙂  We had grilled chicken and veggies.  Nothing fancy but it was filling and I can EASILY eat those kind of things today, then 7 weeks ago.  No joke!  It’s like 2nd nature now.

Bonus for lunch today…Nick then made baked salmon last night for our lunches and dinner today.  SCORE!  Can’t wait for lunch 🙂  And tonight I am going to Barb’s class (Killer Core tonight!) and then we are doing our 30 min personal time with a whole body workout since I missed last night…and will be gone the rest of the week.  NASHVEGAS BABY!

Nick and I are headed to Nashville this week.  Why?  For a vacation! haha  My ideal vacations are somewhere by the beach, on the water or somewhere I’ve never been but Nick got to pick this time.  He’s a musician so this is totally his scene.  We’ve been together before, but it was a group of people, with an agenda, so we didn’t get to tour it much.  I look forward to this trip with him, to fall in love even more with Nashville.  It’s beautiful…we would love to eventually live there.  One thing that is worrying me though, is what can we eat while out of town?  How well or how bad are we going to do?  Normally when we go out of town, we gain weight because we eat out alot and eat whatever we want.  This time we’ll be working out while we’re there and looking for better options.  I’ve heard of others packing healthy snacks for their trips.  Do you have any suggestions?  What healthy items would you take on a trip?  We are traveling by plane.



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