Barb’s Tuesday/Thursday Classes


So last night was my 1st night to try Barb’s new classes.  WOW (notice my picture…that was what I looked like afterwards).  In just 25 minutes, I had burned over 250 calories and I have to tell you…I didn’t look pretty doing it either. haha  First of all, I hate burpees now…new found revelation.  Picture all this jumping up and down and jumping into a plank and back at a frog style.  Seriously…with this body….it does NOT look pretty.  And it doesn’t feel pretty either.  We got to jump rope…haven’t done that in years.  I did learn one thing last night…with all of the jumping we were doing, I need to wear 2 sports bras next time. haha  But, no matter how hard it was, I was determined to hang on.  I had to take breaks more than the other lady who was participating, but hey…I’m only 6 1/2 weeks into this, she’s a couple of years ahead of me.  I’ll get there 🙂

I believe that every week, it’s going to be something different but this week was Cardio Blast.  Next week it’s Killer Core.  Some other classes she’s going to be doing is Buttz and Gutz and Tank Top Arms.  I NEED ALL OF THOSE! haha  Her and I already work on all of that on Mondays and Wednesdays but this will kick it up a notch on my journey to a healthier physique.  If anyone’s interested, contact Barb at Fitness 1 on1, to reserve your spot.  She’s only allowing a total of 6 people to take these classes.

Switch to another story…I’ve mentioned my husband is on board with me with eating healthy and getting exercise as well.  Well, I’ve been told that people will be negative with your lifestyle change and some will try to sabatoge you.  I really thought this was absurd and why would anyone want to do that to us.  I would think they would have something more important in life to do.  Last week, one of the ladys at my office saw me leaving with my work out clothes on and said “Oh you’re still working out”.  To me, it felt like she was being negative and is waiting for me to give up and quit this, like I have before!  And then an incident with my husband happened yesterday at his office!  Oh man, you are so lucky I didn’t write this yesterday because I would have probably said ugly things.  My blood was BOILING.  Probably helped me to lose a few calories, but not the way I want to lose them really. haha  Anyways, Nick was sitting at his desk yesterday morning, WORKING, MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS and a guy offered him a kolache.  Nick, POLITELY and SIMPLY (can you tell with my capital letters that I’m still upset over this haha) said “no thanks”.  The guy then proceeds to ask, “why, are you on a diet?”.  Um…DUDE/PEOPLE…why don’t you mind your own business, FIRST OF ALL!!!  Again, Nick POLITELY and SIMPLY replied “No, just making better choices.” PERIOD.  The conversation shouldn’t have had to even go this far but the guy kept being nosey and prying.  So then the dude proceeds with “You should go see a nutritionist and then you would actually lose some weight, or you could try over-eaters anonymous!”.  Ok, NOW do you UNDERSTAND why my blood was boiling…and is now getting back to that point?  I got more upset about it then my husband did. Image Don’t mess with my husband, he’s got a crazy wife who will kick your butt (sorry, can’t help it…it’s in my genes. My momma will kick anybody’s butt who messes with her family too)  Like I said, first off, he should have minded his own business.  And secondly, Nick shouldn’t have to explain anything to him.  That ignorant guy should KNOW FACTS before he starts shouting out stuff.  For those of you who don’t know my husband, he eats LESS than I do (and I wouldn’t say I over eat either).  He had the gastric bypass about 10 years ago, so no DUDE, Overeaters Anonymous WOULDN’T work for Nick.  And since when do you need a doctor’s note to chose a healthy lifestyle of eating healthy and clean and exercising?  But you don’t need a doctor’s note to go through the drive thru and eat fast food, greasy mexican food and creamy alfredo sauce with pasta, etc. and don’t have to work out?  Seriously, our society SERIOUSLY has this mixed up.  Even when I ate bad like this and didn’t work out, I NEVER was negative (at least I hope I wasn’t) toward someone who was trying to lose weight.  I wasn’t an idiot and thought you needed a physical to get healthy.  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  Ok, I’ll get off this soap box for now, but seriously…even to my loved ones…don’t ask me if I got a doctor’s note for this, I will seriously go off! haha  Love ya!

Image        Image

But to end this blog on a postitive note…I have officially lost 12 lbs and instead of buying XL shirts at the store yesterday…I have been downgraded to just a plain ol “L” (large).  Whoop Whoop.  #TEAMBARB


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