Coming off the High


I am finally coming down off the high of posting my 1st blog. Haha I shared the blog with my family and friends and got support all day long, so yesterday was a good day. 


My husband plays tennis to get most of his exercise and last night, I finally decided to join him for drills. It was 1 1/2 hours long and I actually had a good time. I know I got a decent workout because I was sweating and had to run and jump some. I did however forget my heart monitor so I’m not sure exactly how well I did. I didn’t know much about the heart monitor until Barb, my trainer, suggested it. I’m still learning it but I do realize when I miss it during my workouts. I love the fact it tells me how many calories I’m losing as well. If you’re looking for a heart monitor, I have the Polar FT4. I, of course, got the pink one, but if you’re a guy and don’t want pink, all colors work the same 🙂

I didn’t get into what I’m really doing in my workouts in my first blog, so if you’re wondering, here’s my routine:

Mondays – Chest, Back and Arms with Barb

Tuesdays – Cardio on my own. Most of the time, I take a Zumba class because its someone instructing me what to do for an hour. Great exercise for me! I just have to get over my awful white girl moves or lack thereof.

Wednesdays – Lower body (Legs) with Barb; Is that politically correct to say for working out legs, calves, quads, etc.?

Thursdays – Again, cardio on my own and most of the time I’ll take another Zumba class.  Sometimes I just do the treadmill and eliptical though.

Fridays – Most Fridays I take the day/night off.

Saturdays – I enjoy waking up at a decent hour (by 7 am) and getting a work out in so that I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.  I made a Cardio Kickboxing class a few weeks ago and LOVED it.  This past Saturday I went to Zumba because I couldn’t make the kickboxing class on time (was trying to cook breakfast)

Sundays – Most Sundays, I take this day off as well.

I’m not very good at making habits for myself.  I just don’t have an addictive personality, which can be good and bad for me.  But with this, I am always doing something different (except Mondays and Wednesdays, I work out with Barb and even with her, she changes up things every week on me).  I don’t attend the same gym location (I make which ever one I can at the time I’m available that day) and I don’t always do Zumba.  I have been doing it more often because I do like it.  But I have to switch things up for me, or else….I’ll fall back down.

What’s your favorite “work-out”?  Any suggestions for me?  I do have a mountain bike I should ride.  I do love swimming and with my triathlon experience, I can swim freestyle 🙂  I am a little proud of myself on that.


I was looking for a picture of tennis to include on this post, since I didn’t get one of me playing tennis last night (next time I will) and came across the dog.  I just HAD to post this because this fits me more.  My personality!  And I LOVE dogs and all animals (except reptiles, yuck).  I have 3 dogs of my own.  So this is in honor of them.  My Lola and Astro LOVE chasing a tennis ball.


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