Brit vs. Brit

So this is my first blog…well, a blog about good health and fitness, and you know that saying “Writer’s Block”? I have it so bad right now.  I just want my first blog regarding my new left in life to be amazing, perfect and to catch everyone’s eyes so they keep coming back.  But in all reality, I’m not perfect, and neither is anyone else, so why don’t I just be me…and give you the real me!  That’s what I hope this blog will be for everyone…realistic.  I hope that it reminds those of us who have low self-esteem, body imperfections and daily struggles, that you aren’t alone.  So welcome to my new blog!    I hope that it makes you inspired, laugh, think and maybe even cry (happy or revelation tears).  I must warn you…I can tend to say a little too much some times or just be plain weird, but maybe that’ll be what keeps your attention 🙂  I’m just being me, so you are getting the real me!  Enjoy!
I use to tell everyone that before I met my husband, I was skinny.  But now that I look back at pictures before I was married, I realize that I wasn’t skinny, just smaller than I am now, yet still very unhealthy.  I never had health issues, thank God, but I ate so bad…pretty much all of my life.  I have always had friends who ate better than me and had regular exercise routines.  And this whole time I envied them, wishing I could have their willpower and bodies.  Then I met my sweet husband who took me out to eat ALOT while we were dating.  I wasn’t use to that and I was learning to cook, so it wasn’t that great.  He likes to tell everyone about my crunchy rice and chicken I tried to make him one time. haha  Well, we both fell in love and got extremely comfortable.  Neither of us liked working out and we loved going out to eat.  We were both always on the go, life kind of out of order (still can be), so eating out was our “go-to”.  Well, fast forward to about a year into marriage (2 years of being together total), I went from a size 10 to an 18.  I HATED getting on the scale so the most I ever saw on the scale was 199.  Seeing 1 pound from 200 really hit me in the gut, gave me a sick feeling.  I couldn’t believe I got to that point.  One thing I have learned through out the last 5 years….I eat with my emotions.  Change that…I ATE with my emotions!  To be realistic, the first few years of marriage are ROUGH, to say the least.  They were for my husband and I.  Plus, I had other family struggles that kept “weighing” me down.  So, instead of getting healthy “help”, I ate whatever the heck I wanted to.  When I saw 199 on the scale and wearing a size 18, so uncomfortable with myself, I decided to start a program, AdvoCare.  Lots of people got on it at church and reeled us in with them.  I will tell you right now, we weren’t ready, so we set ourselves up for failure right away.  We thought AdvoCare would be our End-All, Be-All.  Don’t get me wrong…we are still advocates for the program because we do think it’s a great nutritional company, but there’s so much more to our struggle than supplements and energy drinks.  So we started the 24 day challenge they offer and, like I said….failed.  It was way out of our comfort zone!  Sadly, we had gotten to the point where eating “tasty” food was our comfort zone.  Fast forward to about another year and we decided again, to try the 24 Day Challenge.  This time, we felt so good and we actually finished it.  At the same time, my best friend talked me into training for a half marathon.  The ONLY reason I agreed was because it was training with a team, called Team and Training, who were raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I thought that if I had a reason, other than myself, to push myself, I could do it.  And guess what…I DID.  I never did get to where I could run but I walked the whole thing and have the medal (now 2 medals) to prove it.  Since then, I have trained for a triathlon and completed a Sprint and Olympic race.  Pretty amazing accomplishments for me, especially since I HATE to exercise.  Well, that was over 2 years ago that I finished my last triathlon and got to the point of being comfortable again.  Do you see a pattern here?  I always give up!  I never complete something!  Last year’s resolution for myself was to fulfill my obligations, plans and goals.  I about killed myself last year saying “YES” to EVERYTHING that everyone invited me to and I was determined to make it to everything.  Which left me no time to take care of myself!  That’s another pattern to realize…I put everyone else first!
My husband has known that for years, I’ve wanted a personal trainer, but let’s face it…it wasn’t in the budget to get one.  Eating out sure was though!  But this year, out of the blue, my husband calls me and says, I think I found a trainer for you.  We had just moved to Cypress and I was still trying to get settled into the house, so I wasn’t ready to get back into finding another program (ha) to lose weight yet.  However, we had just talked about future babies and how I’d love to get healthy before I get pregnant.  I know that there are plenty of women who successfully carry and deliver healthy babies, at obese sizes, but FOR ME and FOR MY BABY (future) I want to be healthy for the baby as well.  I don’t want to give my child any health issues because of my laziness.  So, to my surprise, my husband did this for ME.  Really sweet, huh?!  I thought so!  Especially because…this wasn’t in the budget.  But guess what…we made room!  And we even cut something else out along the way…that eating out budget 🙂  And honestly, it’s become easier than we thought.  Well, I’m not going to say 100% easy, because, like I said…I’m imperfect, we still have those temptations.  But we’re learning to deal with them better now.
So fast forward to meeting my new trainer, Barb.  She’s a tough little cookie and has kept me on track.  Having her there to report to, is really good for me.  If I didn’t have her to hold me accountable, I wouldn’t do this.  I wouldn’t have lost 10 lbs and 17 inches total in 4 weeks.  Haha, This just made me think of something…doing those fad diets, they are all about getting you to lose as much weight as possible, as quick as possible, but then once you’re done and fail like most of us do, you gain that weight back and if you’re not careful, you can gain more than your weight back.  But with the program I’m on with Barb, it’s all about KEEPING the results we want, so yes, it may take longer, but it’ll be MUCH more worth it.  She tells me that it takes about 8 weeks for you to notice your loss and about 12 weeks for others to notice.  I’m 6 1/2 weeks into this, so I can’t weight to see how much different I look in 5 1/2 more.  Many of my best friends are my cheerleaders, as well as my husband and family but one of my best friends sent me an article last week and I took it in as it was talking to me about my weight loss journey  Having someone like Barb to keep me accountable helps because I am way too embarrassed for her to see my lazy side.  But honestly, since working out with her, my husband and I both have changed our eating habits drastically and we both eat much cleaner.  No more fast food.  We occasionally go out to eat, mostly when it’s a group setting we were invited to, or if we do go out to eat, we still make wise choices.  We are also working out at least 5 days a week now and honestly, loving it.  It’s like we are finally gaining a sense of what living life really is about.  It’s about keeping our bodies healthy so we can live longer and stronger.  For us, we want to travel the world and have children and grandchildren and who knows…great grandchildren.  We want a long life here on Earth, so this is what we have to do to get there.
I kind of hate to admit this, but I was watching What Would Ryan Lochte Do (secretly, I liked it), and someone asked him if he ever wakes up and doesn’t want to go swim.  He said, yes, almost every day, but I know that I have to do this in order to reach my goals.  Wow!  That was much better than his famous “Jeah” quote. haha  It’s so true though….we have to keep doing this, whether we want to or not, to reach our goals!  And right now, our goals are to get healthy.  People ask me how much weight I want to lose or what size I want to get to and honestly, I don’t feel like I can answer that until I get there.  I do know I want to be healthy and look healthy.  That might be a size 6 on me, who knows.  A size 2 may or may not look good on me.  So I won’t know until I get there, but guess what….I’m not stopping when I do get there!  I’m done with quitting, giving up, losing willpower.  I can’t stop!  Or all of those who think I’m going to quit again, like I always have in the past, will be right!  I have to prove them wrong!  I have to prove my own self wrong!
Stay tuned for my daily struggles, my ups and downs, my eye opening experiences and my love/hate relationship I have with exercising and food.

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